Monzón was the birthplace of numerous illustrious people, includingJoaquín Costa Martinez, politician, historian and jurist, one of the most well-known figures of the regeneracionismo movement born in Monzón. His former home is now a museum that recalls his life and his works: his birth in Monzón, his childhood in Graus, his high school studies in Huesca, his love for books and the different jobs in which he worked.

In 1867, Costa was able to attend the International Exhibition of Paris as a craftsmen disciple. The Joaquín Costa Museum occupies two floors (ground floor and basement) of his former home. It is also the home to the Monzón and Cinca Medio Studies Center (CEHIMO).

In both locations, information panels are distributed and photographs and showcases with copies of his books and newspaper articles are displayed.

Joaquín Costa museum
C/ Joaquín Costa, 11
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