The Aragón and Cataluña Channel was an economic and socially transformativeagent for the people of Monzón and its county. Its construction attracted a lot of foreign labor, allowing access to a new source of revenue for the agricultural laborers. Once inaugurated, the increase in irrigated lands represented a substantial improvement in the production and profitability of agriculture. Likewise, it prompted an incipient industrial and commercial growth in the area. A visit to this center offers a tour throughout the construction of the canal and closeness to the society that gave birth to this hydraulic construction. 

Located in a magnificent Renaissance mansion, the Thematic Center of the Aragón and Cataluña Channel brings you close to this impressive hydraulic piece and to the life around Monzón at the beginning of its construction.

The exhibition includes two collections; one is property of the Ebro Hydrographic Confederation (CHE) with components linked to the construction of the channel and the other one is an ethnographic collection donated by nearby resident Josefina Jiménez.

Aragon and Catalonia
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