The territorial occupation of by Napoleon’s french armies in 1808 was the beginning of the "War of Independence". The reaction of the people against the foreign invasion was full of bravery and prepared them to desperately defend their homeland. The Monzón Castle will suffer heavy losses while in Fonz army troops are organized in order to defend the besieged territory, the figures standing out arethe Baron of Valdeolivos and the Countess of Bureta (municipality in the province of Zaragoza). In this war the forces were unevenly matched, ordinary people up against awell-armed,well-fed army.The consequences were a large number of deaths, destruction of regional heritage, famine, disease and loss of crops to feed the armies, it left Aragón sunken.

All of this is followed by the Carlist wars which impoverished even more (if it is possible) an illiterate population dedicated to cultivating the little land they do possess. Until famous characters such as Joaquín Costa, among others,emerge that will pave the way for getting get out of the desolation. The teachings of Costa, a Monzón native and territorial expert, represent a change in the way of cultivating land, installing irrigation, improving schools in which every single person had the opportunity to learn to read and write.

During the nineteenth century, our county was the birthplace of many illustrious figures prominent in Aragón. Such notable figures as Mor de Fuentes, Mariano and Joaquín de Pano, Joaquín Costa and many others.

Everything appears to be bouncing back until another disaster awaits our land, the Spanish Civil War, which destroyed without compassion and from it remain testimonial structures such as the trenches in the San Salvador Hermitage of Selgua. But life goes on and these struggling people have made it so this land remains fruitful, dedicating itself to agriculture, livestock breeding and welcoming industry that has changed Monzón into an important nucleus for the entire province of Huesca.